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CAA Building Beverly Hills

One of the architectural jewels of Beverly Hills, the CAA Building (now Sony BMG's West Coast HQ) provided Saylor with a unique challenge: cut costs without effecting the grandeur and scope of the architect's vision. Illuminated at night, it transforms the building into a glowing urban lantern at the gateway to Beverly Hills.

Location: Beverly Hills, CA
Client: I. M. Pei & Partners (PM) Mike Ovitz (Owner)

Value Engineering

Saylor has been at the forefront of Value Engineering, the systematic elimination or replacement of anything in a project, which adds cost without adding functional utility. Value Engineering is an effort to obtain more value not only in the initial costs but over the long-term economic cycle as well.

Lower Maintenance Costs. Lower Operational Costs.

By considering life cycle costs of a building, money can be saved by the use of materials and surfaces that wear out slowly and are easy to service or replace. Energy technology continues to evolve. We can help you to take full advantage of the latest advancements. Value Engineering can also reduce personnel needs and improve the ease of operation.

Value Engineering can save money now and into the future.