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California High Speed Rail

Carrying up to 117 million passengers annually by 2030, with the capacity to also carry high-value, lightweight freight. Meeting the need for a safe and reliable mode of travel at less than half the cost of building more freeways and airport runways and would link the major metropolitan areas of the state and deliver predictable, consistent travel times sustainable over time.

Location: California
Project Cost: $98 Billion


A complete and detailed schedule is the Owner’s best tool for evaluating the overall impact of specific design approaches, construction techniques, and subsequent change orders. Proper scheduling minimizes conflicts in construction methodology and timing.

Scheduling suggests the most efficient way to allocate manpower, when and where to institute leveling actions as well as determines long-range financial impact and cash flow requirements of a project.

Saylor has the capabilities of producing schedules in Primavera, SureTrak, Timeline and Adlergraf scheduling software. Our format is determined by the wishes of the client and the needs of the project.